Our Team

Small But Mighty

The Founding Fathers Of CrowsNestEx

Our team is made up of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and believers. CNE was founded on the idea that through proper compliance with regulation and a desire to establish a long lasting platform from which to better serve the community, we can compete with the major players in the market that we feel may not have the best interest of the public at heart.


Message From Our CEO

When I discovered cryptocurrencies in 2017, I realized that much like the introduction of the internet, our world was about to drastically change once again. Blockchain Technology while opening an endless number of doors and opportunity to us all also opened up new avenues for shady characters and bad actors to take advantage of those that simply dont yet understand. CrowsNestEx will be as much about providing a platform, not hiding from US regulators while being stationed outside of the USA, but rather embracing the regulation and working to function in compliance with the regulators that seek to protect the public, as well as educating  you as best we can and empower you to make intelligent informed decisions in the space.

– Chief Executive Officer